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A training system developed in the 1930’s that withstands the test of time. Pilates is recognized as a functional, fascia-oriented training method. EveryBODY can train in the Pilates Method. It uses mainly spring resistance to create an opposing inner body tension along the Myofascial lines resulting in a full-body workout. Strive to understand the Pilates principles and unlock the secret to a strong, elastic and resilient body.


Boxing isn’t just for the ring, it is a great full-body workout. Learn the rudimentals of one of the oldest sports. You will improve: balance, speed, endurance, stamina, hand-eye coordination and over-all strength. Alessandro’s experience started while training at a top boxing gym in Vienna, Austria back in the 80’s. There he learned the importance of fundamentals. A tough workout, no doubt, boxing encompasses more that just hitting a bag. Alessandro will teach you how to “work” a bag as well as other boxing techniques.Despite what you may think, boxing will not make you bulky. It will, however, tone the entire body. This sport is for everyBODY!

Functional Training

What differentiates humans from other mammals? The bipedal (two feet) human gait aka walking or running. Millions of years of evolution (or survival of the fittest) can’t be wrong. This is our signature move. Any other movement derives one way or another from that human blueprint. Correct your running, throwing, jumping and improve your favorite sport.Join the Functional Training class and learn to improve your natural gait and regain a neutral posture. Train with a purpose and with awareness for a healthier you. A must for every sport practitioner!

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